Whether we realise it or not, we all live on:
The Edge of the Otherworld

Thursday 1 September 2016

Looking and seeing

Three men walk into a bar... and realise they've wandered into an old church by mistake.

The first looks around at the funny costumes of the people in charge and the Medieval artwork, and sees only antiquated superstition. He puts out some candles and comments loudly on how he hasn't been struck by lightning yet.

The second man is genuinely bemused to see so many people of all ages in the pews but is impressed by their enthusiasm and sincerity. Ultimately, he is encouraged that they have found purpose. It isn't the kind of purpose he wants for himself but, hey, if it works for them...

The third glances towards the front and sees a wooden carving of a man upon a cross. For a moment, despite being no more broken nor afraid than the other two, he looks into the face of God. In those eyes are suffering and compassion, love and justice, freedom and sacrifice, the beginning and the end...

The moment fades but somehow everything still seems different. After a few minutes of contemplation, the man gets up and leaves, exactly the same as when he entered, yet changed forever.

The other two hang around waiting for the punchline.

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